Managing Money During Retirement
Defined Withdrawals
 A strategy for steady, dependable, and long-term investment income.
About the Creators

The Defined Withdrawals strategy was created by the father and son team of Roger and Kevin Katzenmaier.

Roger A. Katzenmaier, CPA, Ph.D., has been a practicing Certified Public accountant for over 25 years.  Roger has been an associate professor at the University of Minnesota and holds advanced degrees in accounting, management and finance.

Kevin R. Katzenmaier, B.S.E.E. is a Senior Engineer with 3M.  In addition, Kevin has been programming computers to solve finance problems for over 15 years.

The authors would also like to acknowledge Brentmark Software for their contributions.  Gregory Kolojeski, President of Brentmark Software, directed the development effort at Brentmark.  Patrick Matthews further developed the software and added many significant features and enhancements.  Thanks also to Jane Schuck, Vice President of Brentmark Software, for reviewing the software and the book.

Brentmark Software has been developing Estate, Financial, and Retirement Planning Software since 1985. Their programs are currently being used by thousands of attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and other professionals nationwide.



















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