Managing Money During Retirement
Defined Withdrawals
 A strategy for steady, dependable, and long-term investment income.

Order the Income Strategy Generator Software

The Income Strategy Generator software is licensed through and supported by Brentmark Software, a leading provider of retirement and financial planning software products since 1985.  Click the link below to order the Income Strategy Generator for immediate download.  You will be transferred to Brentmark's secure server to process the order.

The Income Strategy Generator software comes with a 60-day no risk guarantee.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact Brentmark Software within 60 days for a full refund.

You can also place an order by calling 1-800-879-6665 or by contacting Brentmark via email at: 

Free Book Download
This book explains how to use the ISG software, but it is much more than a software manual.  It is a comprehensive guide to managing investment and retirement income.  Learn about different investment income strategies, dollar-price erosion, income ladders, the new role that diversification plays when investing for income, the important difference between investing in bonds vs. bond funds, trend-line analysis, etc. CLICK HERE

Free Investment Income Simulator
In real life there are no do-overs, but with the Investment Income Simulator you can practice managing investments for income.  If you run out of money, click the repeat button and try a new strategy! CLICK HERE

A Nightmare On Wall Street
We recommend viewing this free presentation before using the Investment Income Simulator. CLICK HERE


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