Managing Money During Retirement
Defined Withdrawals
 A strategy for steady, dependable, and long-term investment income.

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A Nightmare On Wall Street

We recommend viewing this free presentation before using the ISG Investment Income Simulator.  It steps through a relatively difficult investment scenario to demonstrate the process of managing money for income during difficult times.  You may be amazed to see the difference in the outcome for the Defined Withdrawals strategy compared to the Systematic Withdrawals strategy.

ISG Investment Income Simulator

Don't try managing investments for income in the real-world until you've first practiced doing it with this innovative investment income simulator!  The free Excel spreadsheet simulates stock market variability and lets you make yearly investment decisions to test your skills.  See if you can maintain your desired income for up to 30 years.

No Hype Investing for Income with the Income Strategy Generator

This free book explains how to use the ISG software, but it is much more than a software manual.  It is a comprehensive guide to retirement income planning and management.  The first chapter is dedicated to comparing investment income strategies.  It includes a striking example to show why investment strategies that work well prior to retirement do not necessarily work well during retirement.  Learn about dollar-price erosion, income ladders, the important distinction between investing in bonds vs. bond funds, trend-line analysis, the new role that diversification plays when investing for income, and of course the critically important topic of Navigating.

Retirement Income Software
The unique ISG software is designed specifically for developing sophisticated retirement income plans using the Defined Withdrawals strategy. CLICK HERE 


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